Company partnership

GDC Partners creates value by partnering with foreign international companies and bring strategic insight, global network and understanding of the market to drive transformations that unlock the company’s full potential. We have a long term vision, and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our partners.

We define our success by your achievements. We are here to support you in the full business cycle.

Among all the types of companies, the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) is the most popular one in the UAE. A UAE LLC is the best vehicle to use for companies willing to sell products or services freely throughout the country.

The foreign company opening as a LLC needs a local partner to operate in the country. At GDC Partners, we will be pleased and honored to share our experience and knowledge to support you in your development over the UAE and the GCC.

Why is it important to have a strong and active partner?

The role of the partner is much more than just being your representative in the country. Doing a bad choice can lead you to a lot of trouble. This is why every company has to conduct a deep due diligence and feel comfortable with the partner it works with.

Some examples of what a local partner has to do for your company:

  • Use his /her influence and network to give you inside information about the market

  • Connect you to top decision makers in private as well as government institutions

  • Suggest creative solutions and implementation strategies for your business to make it suitable with the local culture and regulation

  • Assist you for wide business issues that concern governmental requirements and approvals

  • Support you for all administrative tasks such as visas, license…

"Very often, your development in the Gulf region depends on the support of your local partner. Partnering with the right one is the key to your success" - Houssam Nasrawin, CEO of GDC Partners