Investments & fundraising

GDC Partners provides capital to companies in the Middle-East and Europe to supports them to grow.

Our investment approach is based on a rigorous due diligence process taking into account the risk of the business and the expected return on investment.

Our two investment approaches:

Direct investments

GDC Partners is always looking for outstanding companies to invest in to enhance their performance and support their development locally as well as internationally.


We target companies with at least two-year track record and willing to grow their activity. We consider all sizes of companies in several sectors, however, we will focus on innovative companies with an interest in doing business with the Middle East.


GDC Partners has built an outstanding network of investors. It includes banks, private equity firms, private and family offices, pension funds, governments and other institutions, as well as retail investors in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.


We help you to find an optimal solution for your future financial needs. The investments can take various forms: equity, debt, mezzanine finance…

We manage the entire fundraising process – from the preparatory stage, through the roadshows and meetings with the potential investors, term sheet negotiations to the closing.